Creative manifesto

We believe creativity is our greatest asset, and how we utilize it is our greatest responsibility. Progressive creativity is about responding to the significant questions of our time. Our planet is facing critical challenges, and we know the decisions we make now will have an impact long into the future. Fashion is an expression of identity and values, and it is our mission to ensure it deserves a part in creating a more sustainable and inclusive world to live in. We are asking the challenging questions and collectively embracing change.

Our Creative Manifesto represents our shared values and defines a set of principles that are guiding us in our sustainability journey. By incorporating these principles in everything we do, we are setting a course for progress, significant both for our times and for our future.

Design lasting icons

Create desirable products that stand the test of time with considerations for their entire life cycle.​

Create with impact in mind

Choose quality materials and solutions consciously to minimise environmental impact​.

Strive for progress together

Build partnerships with suppliers that share our sustainability values on people and nature.​

Be curious and honest

Implement a culture of transparency and learning within our supply chain and towards our customers.

Act on climate

Adapt our business model to reduce the carbon footprint across our operations in line with climate science.

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