Circular packaging

  • Target: Circular packaging across all our operations by FY 26/27
  • Progress: 52% of our paper packaging was made of recycled paper in FY 22/23

Our packaging is known for its instantly recognisable tone of pink, but we want it to stand out for more reasons than one. Our goal is for all our packaging to be circular by 2027. So, we are challenging ourselves to create more with less, to use recycled materials and to design items that can be easily recycled after use. We have eliminated plastic from our retail packaging, and we are finding innovative solutions for every package, box, and bag.   

Acne Studios shopping bag

In 2022, we redesigned our shopping bag to be more circular. The handles are now made from paper to ensure easy recycling at the end of its life, and it is made with 40% certified recycled content. We are looking to increase the percentage of recycled paper even further.  

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