Towards zero waste

  • Target: Reduce, reuse and recycling of waste across all operations by FY26/27
  • Progress: Waste reduction initiatives and KPIs initiated across all operations in FY 22/23 

From our design studio to the production of our collections, our stores, and events, we are changing from the inside out towards a zero-waste business. We have introduced digital showrooms and virtual sampling to reduce the development of physical samples, and we are working with our denim and jersey suppliers to recycle our material waste from the cutting room floor. We discourage discount culture and are limiting the number of unsold products by forecasting analytics, and we are working with our event partners to repurpose the sets we create for our fashion shows. Our goal is to reduce, reuse and recycle waste across all operations so that by FY 26/27 we send zero waste to landfill. ​  

Repurposed fabrics

We have been turning old into new through our repurposed capsule collections since 2019. Repurposed has been our platform for experimenting and finding ways to maximise the use of deadstock and scrap materials. With each capsule our design team has pushed the boundaries of creativity using techniques like patchworking, splicing, overprinting and lasering. Now, we have integrated the repurposed approach into our main collection and everyday creative process. Meaning we are always thinking about how to use every bit of material we already have.  

More on Sustainability

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