What payment methods does Acne Studios accept?
We offer different payment methods in different countries. In all countries we accept credit cards, but in many countries, we also offer PayPal and country specific payment methods. At checkout you will see what payment methods we offer in your shipping country. You can also view the different payment methods in our shopping help section under “ordering”. Back to top
Is it safe to use my credit card online at Acne Studios?
Your personal online security is very important to us. To help ensure your shopping experience is safe, simple and secure we use Secure Socket Layers (SSL), the industry standard in transferring information to process your orders. When placing an order, you can immediately check the security validity by clicking the VERISIGN logo at checkout. To ensure your information is kept private, we do not process or store any payment information in our database. Back to top
In which currency will my purchase be made?
We charge in different currencies in different countries. Most countries are charged in local currency while some countries are charged in either USD or Euro. In the country selection list online, you will see what currency you will be charged in for that specific country. Items will also have a price in the specific currency for the site you are visiting. Back to top
When will I be charged?
When you place an order with us using a credit card, we place an authorization on the form of payment you used, and the funds are temporarily reserved for your purchase, but you are not actually charged. When your order has been dispatched, we will capture the funds from your account. Orders placed with PayPal, Ideal, Sofort, Alipay, Wechat Pay and other HPP payment methods are captured immediately when the order is placed. Back to top
Can I save my card details?
If you place an order with us, you can choose if you want to store your credit card details. The payment details are stored only by our payment service provider and we will not be able to see the details, they are fully encrypted We recommend storing card details if you want a smoother checkout the next time you order with us. Back to top
Why was my credit/debit card declined at checkout?
If your order attempt was declined, this can often be due to your bank. We suggest that you contact your bank or card-issuing company to ask if they have any kind of block on your card. If you receive another error message, please contact our customer care team and we will do our best to assist you. Back to top
Will there be any additional costs to my order?
Norway, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Switzerland, China USA & Canada are shipped on a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) basis, meaning all taxes and import duties are included in the final price. Hence, your order will not be subject to any additional charges. Orders within the European Union are also shipped DDP and will not be subject to any additional charges. Countries outside the European Union are shipped DDU and additional charges may be added by your local customs. Back to top
Can I claim a tex refund on a purchase made online?
Unfortunately, we currently do not offer tax refunds online. Please contact our customer service for further information on how to proceed. Most of our physical stores do offer a tax refund form, so you are welcome to visit one of our stores to make a tax free purchase. Back to top
I have a gift card certificate. How can I use it?
If you have a gift card certificate, you can simply use it by entering your gift card code in “payment” section at checkout. You will have a button called “Use Gift Card”, where you can enter your code. Please note that gift cards purchased online can only be used online and not in our physical store. Gift cards bought in a physical store can only be used in store and not online, unfortunately. Back to top