Acne Studios is committed to the highest standards of transparency, integrity, and accountability. We strive to conduct our operations in an ethical manner and legal compliance wherever we operate. However, despite rigorous focus and systemic efforts, we recognize that malpractice may occur in any part of our business at any time. Acne Studios provides its employees, business partners, and third parties with an external reporting channel to report serious malpractice within the company that could be of public interest. We take all reports seriously and apply a case-by-case evaluation to each report.

Reporting procedure

Acne Studios proposes an external reporting channel through the third-party 2Secure. A report can be submitted in writing through or verbally via +46 77 177 99 77.

Please note that this external reporting channel is in addition to our ongoing internal administration. When submitting a report, please use the specific code acn467 to identify that it relates to Acne Studios.

Upon submission, a unique case number and password are assigned to the report.

These two credentials must be saved to log in to, monitor the progress, and communicate with the assigned Case Officer at 2Secure.

Once registered, the report will be processed by 2Secure, which in turn will reach out to the primary contact person at Acne Studios.

Should the primary contact person be the subject of the report, another contact person will be informed. Please note that Acne Studios, consulted by the Case Officer, always takes the final decision on what potential measures to take.