Design for longevity

  • Target: 100% of our collection designed according to our longevity principles by FY 30/31 
  • Progress: Defined the key principles in our design for longevity strategy in FY 22/23 

Progressive creativity embodies style and sustainability. It’s design that considers the entire lifecycle of a product, how it is used, cared for, repaired, passed on, reused, and ultimately recycled at the end of its life. We are designing products with purpose and our goal is to create icons that stand the test of time. We assess the quality of our product after long-time use, and we are diving deep into research with our expert partners and customers to understand what that means in practice. By FY 30/31, 100% of our collection will be created using our design for longevity principles. ​  

Understanding product use 

To improve product longevity, we need to understand our customers’ habits and how our products are actually used. We have conducted research, consulted industry experts on fashion consumer behavior and plan to carry out an in-depth 'wardrobe study' among a selected group of users. With this study we will examine fashion habits, understand the purchase motive, what makes a product a favorite, why it is no longer used, if it needs repair or is it resold? The results will be used to create product-specific criteria within our design for longevity principles. 

Product durability 

A strong effort is put into assuring our products live up to our high-quality standards. We have an in-house quality laboratory and test all products and materials according to international standards. Our quality auditors monitor the production, and we carefully follow up on customer feedback and claims. Our design for longevity strategy includes verifying product durability after long time use by performing extensive wear testing on different product categories. We’ve made prolonged wear test of our denim and jersey/fleece range and found that most of them meet high durability criteria. 

Product recyclability 

Designing for longevity also include considering the end of life of our products. As of today, at least 35% of our collection can be recycled into new fibers according to major EU recyclers’ requirements, taking into consideration that the textile recycling industry is still developing. We are committed to establishing partnerships with suppliers and recyclers, monitoring innovation, and following EPR regulations for textile waste. A recyclability guideline will be created under our design for longevity strategy to help our design and product team to make informed choices.  

More on Sustainability

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